Self-Serve Kiosks

Self-serve kiosks have played a useful role in retail spaces for decades, but recently have popped up across more and more industries. From airports to movie theaters to fast food restaurants, kiosks are becoming the new standard in customer-facing transactions to provide ease of service for patrons. Customer interactions are changing, and the industry will continue to grow as self-serve kiosks continue to become the new normal.

There are many features that go into self-serve kiosks. Tenere can produce and assemble kiosk enclosures and components, utilizing our unique synergies in metal and plastic manufacturing. Our expert team can help you determine which components are best suited for sheet metal fabrication or plastic injection molding, creating the best product on the market.

red self serve kiosks
red self serve kiosks


Tenere offers an injection molding process called structural foam, which is a process that allows customers to get large, thick parts that are structurally sound and light weight.  Structural foam molding uses less material and a lower tonnage press, resulting in a lower part cost.


Kiosks are commonly made of a plastic exterior with metal internal structures to support the inner workings of the system. Structural foam is an ideal plastic manufacturing process for kiosks, creating a light enclosure that can be easily transported and assembled.


Cosmetics is important when creating consumer-facing products. By design, kiosks are meant to be accessed frequently. Customers shop with their eyes and want to interact with attractive components.


Tenere offers a variety of secondary finishing options, including paint. Whether you create your kiosk enclosures in sheet metal or plastic, we can move your parts directly into paint and deliver a high-quality finished product that will be aesthetically pleasing to any consumer.

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