Fiber Optics

The North America network infrastructure is quickly being replaced with fiber to meet the high demands of the population’s data consumption. As quicker download speeds are highly sought after by many providers to appease their consumers, fiber is becoming even more important in the future.

Tenere manufactures custom sheet metal enclosures and panels and injection molded boxes for fiber optics industry leaders to support their medium-high-volume needs within the market.  

fiber optic wires
fiber optic wires

Single Source

Tenere's teams in the US and Mexico work closely together throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that you receive seamless support and eliminate potential delays during the manufacturing process. Our synergistic capabilities of sheet metal fabrication and plastic injection molding allow you the ease of working with a single vendor and one point of contact. 

To ensure our customers receive the best product possible, our Design for Manufacturability engineers are available to make design recommendations to improve cost, manufacturability, and performance. They understand the importance of making sure your products can withstand the elements, are reliable, and can be easily accessed in the field. 


The appearance of fiber optics products are important to the manufacturer and consumer. The last thing a business or homeowner wants is an eye-sore sitting outside of their residence or hanging from a nearby telephone pole. The technology should be impressive, but the hardware should blend into its surroundings and go unnoticed.

Tenere offers a variety of secondary finishing options, including paint. Whether you create your fiber optics enclosures in sheet metal or plastic, we can move your parts directly into paint and deliver a high-quality finished product that will be aesthetically pleasing to any consumer.

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Tenere's integrated solutions stems from our commitment to seeing our customers succeed. 



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Tenere is a leading North American contract manufacturer of custom mechanical solutions for companies that connect our world through technology in the Cloud Infrastructure, Network Architecture, Fiber Optics, Self-Serve Kiosk, Autonomous Transportation, and Alternative Energy markets by leveraging our expertise in prototyping, design for manufacturability, tooling, production, assembly, and supply chain.

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