Cloud Infrastructure

Today, data is being consumed and stored at an astronomical pace.  With the expansion of the Internet of Things, commonly referred to as IoT, and the arrival of 5G networks, data center providers are working diligently to prepare for the future and explore ways to store more data in less space. 

Tenere works with top cloud computing companies manufacturing and assembling their custom sheet metal enclosures, cabinets, server racks, and HVAC units. In a fast-paced industry like the cloud, you need flexibility from your manufacturing partner.

glowing data center server racks
glowing data center server racks

Flexible & Scalable Manufacturing 

Soft tool and hard tool sheet metal fabrication provide the flexibility and scalability required for producing custom server rack components. Knowing when to use soft and hard tooling can save companies time and money when building custom sheet metal assemblies.

When you partner with Tenere, our engineers provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) support during the prototyping and NPI stages working closely with your team to identify design modifications to help avoid unnecessary costs or improve functionality so you can hit the ground running. This stage is crucial for companies with a condensed prototype to production timeline.

Overmolding & Integration

Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to not only provide sheet metal solutions for server racks and chassis, but also provide injection molded components and overmolding onto metal components.  

Where possible, overmolding is a great option to decrease or eliminate the need for plastic and metal assembly, cutting costs and creating a stronger bond. Our engineers can help you determine if this is the right direction for your program and build this into your design. 

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Tenere is a leading North American contract manufacturer of custom mechanical solutions for companies that connect our world through technology in the Cloud Infrastructure, Network Architecture, Fiber Optics, Self-Serve Kiosk, Autonomous Transportation, and Alternative Energy markets by leveraging our expertise in prototyping, design for manufacturability, tooling, production, assembly, and supply chain.

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Ⓒ Tenere Inc. 2019